Nurturing Creativity on the Cutting Edge of Film Making

The film and entertainment industry has seen unprecedented growth in recent years with on-demand streaming platforms hungry for more content. This insatiable hunger has boosted demand for highly-skilled and specialized talent able to produce quality multimedia content. The Limkokwing Film Academy is an Integrated Creative Multimedia Arts Centre that offers technical training of end-to-end content development and production support that will produce skilled artisans ready to satisfy industry needs.

Harnessing Talent and
Creating Opportunities

The Limkokwing Film Academy provides an opportunity for anyone to hone their mastery of specific skills in the art of film making in the 21st century, thus creating career opportunities that many have never even dreamt of before. With the world’s most global student body, and using equipment, software and techniques utilized by the industry, we focus on creativity and innovation to shape technical skills and knowledge to create exciting new content tailored to global audiences.

Inspiring Young Minds
through Skill-based Training

The Limkokwing Film Academy offers practice-based short-term training programmes using cutting-edge technology and conducted by experienced industry professionals who are savvy with the latest trends and developments in the industry. Our emphasis on creativity and innovation will inspire each and every individual to create without any boundaries or perceived limitations – be it in a professional studio setting or creating a film using just a mobile phone.