About Us

Founded in July 2007, the Limkokwing Film and Television Academy (LFTA) was established primarily to promote the art of filmmaking and to do so by providing short, intensive and practical training. The fundamental part of this approach involves ensuring that students learn by doing – LFTA students work alongside industry professionals on commercial projects such as films (Hidden Summer in My Heart, Kurus, Sumolah), advertisements (Limkokwing University), music videos (Love Me Butch and Gary Yap), episodic content for TV (Gol & Gincu) and animation shorts.

The LFTA functions as an independent extension (and a subsidiary) of Limkokwing University of Creative Technology that specializes in the more technical aspects of film production. The LFTA team is comprised of industry professionals and veterans who share their knowledge and experience with aspiring filmmakers to develop and create exciting new productions of industry standard.

The LFTA’s heavy involvement in professional filmmaking for commercial use has allowed it to accrue an impressive list of clients and achievements and a host of opportunities for its students. Expect to see many more productions from this team and more importantly from its protégés as they join the industry.


  • To cultivate and promote the art of filmmaking culture among Malaysians, bringing the local industry up to world-class standards.
  • To proliferate tried-and-true techniques of filmmaking through the use of the most current industry film standard technology, down to the new generation.
  • To shape and enhance the public definition and understanding of what the film industry is really all about.

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